It’s all a matter of attitude. I’ve put a lot of miles on
my truck checking out attitudes, and it looks to me like the best one is to be
easy, take what comes, and have a good time

-Jim Croce

That’s it. Simply put by a man who died way too young. This photo is of my friend, Tim, taking what comes and having a good time.

It’s wild to me how much wisdom is out there..but how we’re totally naive to it until we feel it for ourselves. We seem to take for granted the fact we don’t just come out of the womb knowing everything about everything..

When quotes have inspired me to follow some intuition or taken me to some new understanding of the world, I’ve made an effort to write them down. It seems like time to start sharing some of them. I hope they might inspire someone else struggling to make sense of all this chaos we think we understand so well.